Themes covered

In our kids programs we deal with the following themes.

Every program deals with  (except schools)

Salvation - Each person must personally ask Jesus Christ to forgive them of their sin and choose to follow his teachings. Romans 10:9,10


The other nights we add the following themes.

Discipleship - How can I be a better follower of Jesus.

Call of God / Missions - God has a plan for each of our lives.  We should consistently pray, "I will do whatever God asks me to do."

Life can be messy - It does not matter how our life starts out, whether we are poor or rich, whether we hardly get to see our Dad or Mom, or if our appearance is has flaws, God can turn our life into good if we follow Him and His directions in the Bible. Romans 8:28

Creation / Science - If we are presenting our science program, such as the morning sessions at camps, we love to include an easy to understand creation / science lesson with the emphasis on, "if someone teaches us something different than the Bible which will end up correct? The Bible wills always turn out to be correct."


Jon Adams is an ordained minister with the Assemblies of God.  He is willing to work other denominations and is flexible as to topics and presentations.

We have done programs for Alliance, Assembly, Baptist, Covenant, Methodist, non denominational. as well as community programs where several churches join together for their VBS.