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MasterQuiz is computer software for the Junior Bible Quiz program.

MasterQuiz Talking CD is only $69.00 + $10.00 postage & handling  (Additional license agreements are available so each quizzer can have their own copy for $30.00 each.

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Easy Tricks Video #1       

Jon's favorite easy to do, but impressive tricks that he has collected over 16 years are now on video. This video was originally made to teach Children's Pastors how to get attention in restaurants and while visiting homes or standing at the church door.  It is, however, suitable for kids from age 10 on up. This video shows 10 amazing tricks and then teaches you how to do them. The tricks take very little practice and can be done by beginners although the impact is worthy of professionals. All the tricks use everyday objects. I always wanted to be able to perform tricks anywhere, anytime without getting a special, trick box out of my office. This is my favorite collection of these routines. They include:

1. Disappearing salt shaker
2. Disappearing spoon
3. Disappearing dollar
4. Rubbing a quarter into your elbow
5. Jumping rubber bands
6. Several other favorites

Cost is $19.95 + $4.00 shipping and handling.

The Science Object Lesson Book #1

In the world of children there is so much make believe. Here are true to life, object lessons that teach the importance of faith in God.  In my "Kids Church" services, I like to have one lesson from science each month. Kids, learn a variety of ways and almost all kids like science experiments. These experiments are all very easy to do and use materials you normally have around the home. One trick requires that you borrow from a local school.

Cost is $5.00 + $3.50 shipping and handling.  Ask for the email version and skip the shipping charges


Please send payment to
Jon Adams
4445 20th St.
Fort Ripley, MN 56449


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