Please read To download instructions first, then click to download.

To download:

1. Click here to download the Theme.

2. Pick Save to Disk. Select this directory. C:/Program Files/Plus!/Themes/

To install:

1. If not already there. Move the file to the directory that your themes are in.

The default directory is  C:/Program Files/Plus!/Themes/

2. Double-Click the file. If asked where to extract the files to, type in the directory above.

3. Go to Desktop Themes, in Start, Settings, Control Panel.

4.  Click on the drop down box titled Themes:. Click on Magic.    (If the drop down box doesn't say magic, click on other. Find the file that says, magic.theme. Double click on it.)

5. Since the Magic Theme doesn't include sounds or a screen saver. Unselect those two items on the right.

6. Click O.K.


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