Jon (the dad), Kati (the mom) and two, up to 10 kids, from our local church. (Depends on your needs and distance.)

An Adams Family VBS or family crusade is a high energy event. You will want to invite the entire family each night and will definitely want to have a "grand finale"  on the last night. 

A typical program consists of an opening trick, followed by  unicycling and juggling to get everyone's attention. It works!   Then we go into worship.  The puppets come out next followed by a Human Video of some kind.

The memory verse, lesson, and Bible drills are interwoven throughout the evening. After the offering contest, the clowns come out.  "Oh no!"  They're interrupting our service again! They think they understand  "How to get to Heaven" better than Pastor Jon.

An amazing, large stage illusion like you would see on TV, sets the background for a visual gospel object  lesson.   We close with a true story, followed by an altar call.  If Kati is with, this will include chalk art with surprise hidden pictures.

We like to not only present the gospel, but give the kids a chance to respond to the message. There is a two part altar call, one for salvation and the other for a deeper commitment. After the service, usually the kids and parents all gather around to investigate, ask questions, and pet the rabbit. Ooooh cute! (Not Jon, - just the rabbit.) We will work with you on your preferences on how this is handled.

Everything is of professional quality and ministry.  We have received several standing ovations this past year.  Kati has a degree in art, the boys are masters at clowning and human video, having placed first and second in this category at a fine arts contest.  Jon has been a Children's / Youth Pastor for 25 years and is known around the nation for his memory verse learning techniques, and object lesson ideas. He has authored computer software for Junior Bible Quiz, created a video for learning some easy but extremely impressive tricks, and a science object lesson book which are available for purchase. (See the sales link on this Web page.)

Our goal is to have many parents and kids, who would not normally come to a church, come to the services and Grand Finale, give their lives to Christ, and then come back to your church on a regular basis.

If you prefer a different format we will be glad to work with you.  I have gospel science programs, one night programs, school programs, and can fly if you prefer. Just ask and see what the possibilities are.  If you need an overseer of a typical VBS that can also be arranged. 

Click here to see our main themes and messages.

Note about our sons:  Matt and Steve have not been traveling with us since Sept. 2000.  They have their own band and are involved in youth ministry / concerts.  If you want an awesome college or high school age outreach using Christian music then give them a call. They have even won first place in secular contests put on by local radio stations.  (They still did their Christian music.)  Check out their site at


The following information is available only if our entire family is present.

We also have an Eleven Foot Unicycle!!

There are very few people who ride a unicycle over 11 feet tall on a regular basis, especially in church.  Our unicycle is actually 12 feet tall if the seat were extended all the way.  

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