Hi! I am Jon Adams.


I have lived most of my life in St.Cloud or not too far away.


I’m not sure which I have enjoyed more –  water, music, motors, or sports. 


I started guitar at 15 years of age. I specialized in folk guitar, but played classical, jazz, and rock as well. I enjoyed song writing for the next several years.  Eventually, I was president of the composers symposium at NCBC and had some of my songs published in their year books. My degree is an Interdisciplinary degree in Music and Deaf Psychology.


I love anything with a motor. Motorcycles, four wheelers, jet skis, boats, and snowmobiles have always been a big part of my life. I seem to ride them for several hours and then repair them for several hours.

Some of the sports I have enjoyed are football, boxing, tennis, raquetball, skiing (water and snow), swimming, and scuba.


Kati and I spent most of our dating time either on a motorcycle or playing tennis.  Once the boys came they followed similar suite.  Mat had his first mini bike at six months. Mat, Steve, Kati, and I would ride for hours.  The boys on their mini bikes and Kati and I on our Yamaha’s. Go to SilverlineMusic.com to see what the boys are up to.


I have been a Youth or Children’s Pastor since 1981 ministering in Crosby, Faribault, St. Cloud, Iowa, and Little Falls.  My family spent six years as full time Kids Evangelists. Click here to see the GodzKidz.com website.


I have known since I was 13 years of age that I would work with young people and the style that I would use.  I believe very strongly in a relationships.  Every teen or child in my program should be able to think of me as their big brother. I am convinced that most kids who do well as a Christian do so because someone invested at a relational level in their life.


Some accomplishments:

High School Chess Champion

President of the Composers Symposium, NCBC

MN Perkins Super Spat winner

Ideas published in Best of Group and Youth Specialties

Computer programmer and repair

Junior Bible Quiz computer software author


Youth Pastor

Kids Pastor

Kids Evangelist

Deaf Youth Pastor specializing in CODA’s (children of deaf adults)

Specialist in high retention learning methods.

Kids and Family Entertainer


Gospel Science programs



Novelty things

Lived six months in a tent in Florida near the beach.

Spent 2 months at a Bible camp at the bottom of Glacier National Park

Have a small game farm with deer, emus, horses, peacocks, lamas, exotic ducks and pheasants, etc

Unicycle teacher - although I can not ride myself. (Don't laugh)



 I love to study the psychology of the small to medium church.  What makes God's people tick? What causes a church to grow?. Why do Christians do what they do?